The Women-Owned Businesses of Yellowstone Country

Putting the “Women” in Empowerment

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we pay tribute to the strength, resilience, and achievements of the extraordinary women of Yellowstone Country. This region would not be what it is today without the countless inspiring women who lead, innovate, and work tirelessly to make a lasting impact right here in our Yellowstone community. 

One of the greatest honors of working with the local businesses of Yellowstone, is getting to meet the faces behind the brands and companies that we’ve come to know so well. And, as a women-owned business, we take particularly great pride in lifting up the influential female owners, trailblazers, and creators within Yellowstone Country. 

From encouraging outdoor recreation to putting on cabaret shows, the following incredible women are professional powerhouses within Bozeman, Cody, and Jackson Hole. It’s vital to give credit where credit’s due, and Yellowstone’s gateway communities would not be the same without their influence and ambition. We give much thanks to their support and collaboration.

Mallory Dabney


Bozeman, MT

Carrying on the long-standing legacy of Heyday in downtown Bozeman, Mallory Dabney purchased the beloved, local lifestyle and gift boutique from the founder Lisa Rickenbaugh in 2019. Stepping up to owner from store manager, Mallory had a comprehensive and intimate understanding of the unique dynamics of downtown retail, customer relationships, products and makers, and of course the existing Heyday team. While business ownership and entrepreneurship was not necessarily a “dream” of hers, Mallory felt most at home when working alongside teammates, and took on the challenge head-on. Overcoming a mix of nerves, excitement, stress, and a government shutdown that halted any government-backed funding, the overall experience of purchasing the business was simultaneously humbling and incredibly rewarding. 

In her experience, Mallory expresses that “business ownership is hard, period. Luckily, it's mixed with amazing connections amongst teammates and customers, rewarding milestones, and lots and lots of fun!” Although she now battles the neverending hum of business on her mind, Mallory’s shift from employee to owner is filled with immense gratitude to her team and the local community. Escape from the mundane and experience the surprise-and-delight of Heyday’s beautiful selection of unique finds on your next trip to Bozeman. 

Vicki Garnick

Jackson Hole Playhouse

Jackson Hole, WY

In the mid-1960s, young Vicki Garnick first set her gaze upon the Jackson Hole Playhouse, foreshadowing what would ultimately become her destiny. An actress by trade, Vicki moved to Jackson Hole in 1973 and followed her career to Sundance, UT. There, at the Robert Redford Sundance Theatre, she met her husband Cameron. Together, the two lovebirds moved back to Jackson Hole, and pursued the best of both worlds, sharing a dream of owning a ranch, as well as a theater where they could put on shows. “In order for your wildest dreams to come true, you have to have a wild dream,” Vicki shares. With luck (and some spare liquor bottles) on her side, Vicki bootlegged her way to ownership of the Jackson Hole Playhouse—leasing the property for the first 25 years before becoming the official owner in 2005. Vicki is ecstatic to celebrate the 45th (!!!) anniversary with the Playhouse this year. 

Besides the initial obstacle of raising the money to take over the theater, Vicki’s biggest challenge has been the impact that the change in economy has had on the community’s—specifically children’s—access to the arts. As Vicki so aptly puts it, “The arts and our community tell our history.” In addition to her active efforts to “share art with every person and every child,” Vicki’s greatest sense of pride comes from the theater’s survival over time. “I’ve survived with grit, guts, creativity, love, family and passion for what I do and where I live.”

Built in 1915, the Jackson Hole Playhouse is the oldest framed building in town—previously serving as a delivery stable, blacksmith and buggy shop, car dealership, bowling alley, billiard hall, electric shop, and Western Union outpost. In 1935, the building finally became a theater, and holds the title as the longest running professional live theater in Wyoming. Today, the Jackson Hole Playhouse offers Off-Broadway performances and cabaret dinners to residents and visitors alike. Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience and purchase tickets now to this summer’s headlining performance: Oklahoma.

Norfleet Gifford

Pat’s Brew House

Cody, WY

In 2021, Norfleet Montgomery earned the highest promotion achievable: from beloved employee to dedicated owner. Having served at Pat O’Hara Brewing Co since 2019, Norfleet fell in love with the bar, and the local community, and jokingly started questioning whether the previous owners wanted to sell. Manifesting her destiny, only a couple years later she bought the establishment alongside her business partner Ariel Fishman and brewer Alexandria Cain.

The transition from employee to owner proved to be a difficult one, with Norfleet taking over during Cody, Wyoming’s busiest week of the year—the 4th of July. However, by February 2022, Pat O’Hara Brewing Co debuted as the rebranded Pat’s Brew House, preserving the history of its namesake while also carving out a new niche for itself in town. Accompanying the bar’s new name was its new logo featuring the iconic pin-up girl, which quickly became the signature design and branding for each of the bar’s distinct brews. And on top of it all, albeit unintentional, the majority of the staff—from servers to line cooks to brewers—has consisted largely of women, defying the traditional male-dominated landscape of the food & beverage industry. 

Wyoming’s first all-women owned  and operated brewery, Pat’s Brew House has become a local favorite and a landmark of downtown Cody. It is an absolute must-visit for anyone searching for a cold pint and a place to watch the game while enjoying good food and great company. The next time you’re in town, stop in for an Agatha Amber and soak up the essence of Cody’s small town beer scene.

Courtney Green

Montana Territory Hat Co.

Bozeman, MT

Founder of Montana Territory Hat Company, Courtney Green’s two greatest loves growing up were always horses and art. A cowgirl and artist at her core, it’s no wonder why she was drawn to the West. After college, Courtney worked in the fashion industry as a designer and buyer. She fell in love with building brands and creating an immersive sensory experience through product, storytelling, and photography. Ultimately, she felt pulled to build her own brand—something grounded and timeless, rooted in the heritage of the West, and built to last. This drive led to Courtney’s creation of Montana Territory Hat Company.

Courtney has been pursuing her dream ever since, with a wholehearted belief in what she is making and why. The concept of “future vintage” guides much of her design philosophy. “I love product designed for life. Things that are bigger than themselves. I have always loved and worn cowboy hats. There is a quality, a history, and an identity. Every hat has a story,” Courtney shares passionately. "I believe in product that feels like art. Classic designs, quality construction, and thoughtful details, built with a sense of pride and purpose. Something inspired by the past, to be lived in and loved today, and passed onto future generations."

When she is not designing product and building hats, she is most often riding horses on her family ranch, watching her two children compete in rodeo, and working cattle under the expanse of the Bridger Mountain Range and the big Montana sky. A proudly self-proclaimed “artist, photographer, cowgirl, and mother,” Courtney is taking the Western industry by the reins one cowboy hat at a time. Design the cowboy hat of your dreams with Courtney at Montana Territory Hat Co., and create an artifact that will preserve countless stories for generations to come.

Olivia Longin

Bozeman Media Design

Bozeman, MT 

Olivia Longin, the visionary behind Bozeman Media Design (BMD), traces her entrepreneurial spirit back to her childhood. From running a lemonade stand as a young girl to building a successful jewelry business in college, Olivia is no stranger to enterprise. Returning to the rugged landscapes of Montana after six years away, she saw the untapped potential in Bozeman and seized the opportunity to create a comprehensive social media experience for businesses. “I realized there was no one really here that had created an all-encompassing social media experience—strategy, account management, creative direction, content creation, etc. I like to call myself an ‘opportunist.’ I saw the opportunity and ran with it.” Starting with minimal resources, she diligently pursued clients through a mix of research, outreach, and persistence, and gradually developed her clientele and reputation.

While the all-female BMD team may all be under the age of 27, Olivia perceives their youth as a strength in the industry and embraces their social media savviness. “If you’re going to trust anyone to know what’s up on social media, trust me when I tell you it’s us. I was raised on Instagram.” Olivia views her biggest accomplishment as providing a vital service to businesses in Montana, rooted in her deep connection to the state and a commitment to supporting local brands and their narratives. By offering a service for businesses to authentically represent the Montana lifestyle, BMD not only serves the community, but also creates employment opportunities for those passionate about storytelling in the region. Explore social media solutions and discover an authentic online presence tailored to your brand by Bozeman Media Design

Michele Hudson Prevost


Cody, WY 

Michele Hudson Prevost, the owner of Proprietress (formerly known as Juniper), embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in 2005 with only a folding chair and table. Recognizing a need for upscale events for nonprofits, she started Juniper Events, gradually expanding into weddings, corporate events, and catering. She opened a retail shop in 2008 focused on a curated selection of wines, whiskies, cocktail ingredients and gourmet foods. A wine and craft cocktail bar was later added in 2014. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she made the difficult but necessary decision to downsize and focus on her overall vision for the future. Inspired by her bold personality and a desire to infuse events with fierce female energy, she assembled a strong team of women to create memorable experiences for her customers and the community—hence the female-driven name, Proprietress.

To bring her dreams to fruition, Michele navigated challenges such as the seasonality of Cody, Wyoming and needing to wait six years to acquire an in-town liquor license. By diversifying revenue streams with retail, wine, whiskey, and gourmet food offerings, she sustained growth. Her biggest accomplishment lies in the longevity and evolution of her business since its inception—demonstrating dedication to her vision and customer experience. 

Looking ahead, Michele plans to debut a tasting room this summer, leveraging established connections in the industry to support Wyoming-made wine and spirits and enrich both local and global communities with curated offerings. Experience the unique blend of bold flavors and fierce female energy at Proprietress on your next visit to Cody.

Cathy Shill

The Hole Hiking Experience

Jackson Hole, WY

A biologist by education and naturalist by trade, Cathy Shill found her calling in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 1984. After witnessing concerns from visitors about safely hiking alone, she leveraged her friendly demeanor and ecological expertise to establish The Hole Hiking Experience and provide guided hikes. Despite initial skepticism from the Forest Service, she discovered her niche, offering off-the-beaten-path experiences. Over the years, The Hole Hiking Experience has flourished, sustaining a constant demand for not only guided hikes, but for guides as well. In Cathy’s experience, the hiking lifestyle has always been in popular demand, and she is proud to employ a largely female staff—some staff members have been with Hole Hiking for 18 years!

Cathy attributes much of her success to good timing, staying true to her passions, and a continued commitment to keeping her business small. “Timing has a lot to do with where we go in life, and my timing was good,” Cathy explains proudly. Although Cathy acknowledges how the growth in the Jackson Hole area has contributed to competition in her field, she knows that there is enough land to go around. It is with her expertise that she continues to seek out less populated trails to foster the peaceful experience her guests desire. She openly advocates for greater awareness of permitting as it pertains to guided hikes, as well as responsible stewardship of the land and wildlife.

With a nature-forward focus, an insatiable passion for people, and abundant knowledge, Cathy and her fellow naturalist guides offer their hikers a fun-filled, educational opportunity to engage with the outdoors. Embark on your next Jackson Hole outdoor excursion and immerse yourself in The Hole Hiking Experience.

Jessica Vandenbroeke

Healthy Being Café & Juicery

Jackson Hole, WY

Jessica Vandenbroeke, founder of Healthy Being Café & Juicery, began her entrepreneurial journey while living in and attending college in Bozeman. From a restaurant delivery service and health-focused newsletter/publication to a yoga studio and website design company, she became an expert in everything she stuck her mind to. Upon moving back to Wyoming, Jessica pursued a job at a restaurant, soon managing and opening new restaurant concepts for a restaurant group in Jackson Hole. However, after 10 years, she was ready for a new challenge. In 2013, Jessica united her lifelong passion for health, cooking, and fresh, local produce to design the business of her dreams: Healthy Being Café & Juicery.

Self-funded through savings and business loans, the first few years proved difficult while Jessica worked to build Healthy Being’s reputation through coaching programs and by selling cold-pressed juice at the local farmers market and a yoga studio. After 5 years of staying consistent with their products and services, and remaining true to their values, the model started to work. The café’s continued success speaks volumes for the team’s hard work and Jessica’s commitment to fostering a positive, supportive work culture for her employees. 

Today, Healthy Being Café & Juicery has become a space for the Jackson Hole community to gather, socialize, and become the best version of yourself from inside out. “I’m proud of our commitment to quality and our dedication to finding the best and cleanest version of everything we offer. AND I'm really proud of our partnerships with our local food growers,” Jessica shares confidently. On your next trip to Jackson, nourish both your body and your soul with a visit to Healthy Being Café, Juicery and Wellbeing Market.

Cassidy Wendell

Girl, Get After It

Bozeman, MT and beyond

Girl, Get After It evolved from founder Cassidy Wendell’s desire for support and community after experiencing the profound loss of her father. Cassidy sought solace and connection by creating a community through hosting events and meetups in Bozeman, Montana. These gatherings blossomed into GGAI, a movement aimed at bringing together like-minded women interested in health, fitness, and the outdoors. Inspired by her upbringing and the welcoming spirit of Montana, Cassidy sustained a vision for GGAI that has evolved into a nationwide platform empowering women to step outside their comfort zones and forge meaningful connections.

Montana's influence on GGAI's evolution is evident in its emphasis on outdoor exploration and community camaraderie. Cassidy's deep-rooted love for the outdoors and the supportive nature of Montana's communities have shaped GGAI into a welcoming space where women can embrace new challenges—like mountain biking, trail running, or downhill skiing—in a supportive environment. 

Cassidy is proud of empowering women to try new things, step outside their comfort zones, and connect with others who share their interests. GGAI has not only flourished in Bozeman, but has also resonated across the nation, showcasing the profound impact of Cassidy’s vision. Join the Girl, Get After It community and discover local events near you.

Shauna White Bear

White Bear Moccasins 

Bozeman, MT

Shauna White Bear, founder of White Bear Moccasins, was inspired to start her own business by her love for crafting moccasins. What began as a hobby while working at Carter’s Boots & Repair in Bozeman in 2018 swiftly evolved into a full-fledged pursuit. The encouragement from her colleagues and community fueled her determination to turn her passion into a business venture, and for Shauna, there has been no looking back.

As Shauna shifted from pursuing her craft as a hobby to establishing White Bear Moccasins as an independent business, she gradually reduced her hours at Carter’s Boots and Repair to dedicate herself to her new endeavor. The demand for her bespoke creations continued to grow and in January 2020, she officially launched White Bear Moccasins while operating from a rented desk at Carter’s Boots and Repair. Despite encountering inevitable hurdles that accompany entrepreneurship, such as learning to delegate tasks and setting boundaries, Shauna embraced the challenges head-on and recognized that prioritizing self-care and mastering the art of time management were crucial for success. 

Today, White Bear Moccasins stands as the first Indigenous woman-owned, made-in-America moccasin-making company—each pair is made with Bison leather and hand-stitched by an Indigenous moccasin maker. Shauna now has her own workshop in Bozeman, Montana and is proud to provide Indigenous college students with a safe, healthy and nurturing environment where they can thrive and learn a valuable skill that transcends generations. Discover the timeless artistry of White Bear Moccasins today and step into a world where craftsmanship meets culture.

Hillary and Haylee Folkvord

RSVP Hotel | Sacajawea Hotel | Yellowstone Country

Bozeman and Three Forks, MT

Sisters and dynamic entrepreneurs (and our owners), Hillary and Haylee Folkvord’s journey in hospitality began with the Sacajawea Hotel—a historic landmark in Three Forks, Montana. Fifth-generation Montanans themselves, the Folkvord family revitalized the Sacajawea and turned it into a thriving destination for tourists and locals alike. Building on this success, they expanded into Bozeman and founded the RSVP Hotel, a boutique accommodation renowned for its chic design and personalized guest experiences. As sisters, their partnership is not only a testament to their shared vision but also to their complementary strengths. Working side by side, they have propelled their ventures to new heights in the competitive hospitality industry, and continue to challenge themselves with their newest undertaking:  

Together, Hillary and Haylee have demonstrated a remarkable ability to blend tradition with innovation, infusing each of their establishments with a unique charm that resonates with guests. "Hospitality is frequently associated with a profession rather than its deeper, more intangible meaning, which to me, embodies a feeling. At our property, we have cultivated a sense of warmth and welcome for our guests by working with exceptional people," Hillary proudly explains.

As they grow their businesses, Hillary and Haylee’s sisterly bond remains the cornerstone of their success, driving them forward as they redefine hospitality standards and create unforgettable experiences for their guests. This dedication to providing exceptional guest services, as well as their commitment to Montana, is how Yellowstone Country came to fruition. Our platform strives to serve the approximately 4 million annual tourists who flock to the region to visit Yellowstone National Park, and help to define the gateway communities as a destination in themselves. With the insight from our co-founders, our goal is to drive tourism to Yellowstone Country by offering guests an invaluable, comprehensive guide to the region and working hand in hand with local businesses to drive direct bookings and increase revenue. Explore all that Yellowstone Country has to offer and plan your next unforgettable adventure.


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