People of Yellowstone Country: The Groves Family

The Beginning

College athletes turned college sweethearts, Beth and Evin Groves, have spent the last 18 years building their businesses and their family in Bozeman, Montana. Beth—born in Bozeman, Montana and raised in the small towns of Belgrade and later Wilsall—grew up on ranching and basketball. A story familiar to many small-town Montana kids, Beth was talented enough to walk on for the Montana State Bobcats women's basketball team.

Evin's upbringing looked a bit different, but it ultimately led him to the same mountain town. He was born and raised in San Diego, California, and although he was a “city boy,” he never really felt as though he fit that description. Evin’s affinity for music was passed down by his family—his aunt toured with Stevie Wonder and sang with Michael Jackson, and his older brother was in a rap group with whom Evin tagged along. “Music was always the one thing that humbled the heck out of me. I was gifted when you put a ball in my hand, but music was a challenge that always connected with me. I loved trying to figure it out.” His talent for football led him to Montana State, where he was also able to pursue his passion for music.

The couple reflects on their first meeting at just 18 years old, with Evin recalling, "I fell in love with the mountains and the girl. Beth was playing basketball, and I was playing football when an athletic trainer played matchmaker. Our first conversation was in a cold pool, awkward as that is." From that point on, they continued to date throughout college and eventually married.


It was during his time at Montana State that Evin’s love of music began to flourish. After a knee injury on the football field permanently sidelined him, he focused all his attention on music. “I started uploading music compositions that I would dabble with in my dorm room or at the house I was living in with my football buddies. I started licensing them online and that blew my mind. There’s millions of people out there looking for interesting compositions and we turned that into a business. It was the right timing for e-commerce.” Beth points out that Evin is very humble, but at that time, he was making thousands of dollars a month on the side. She adds, “he stumbled upon something ingenious.”

After school, the couple thought they needed to chase Evin’s musical dream to larger cities. However, after spending time in San Diego and Nashville, they learned that they really didn’t need to be in a musical city to succeed. They channeled the power of the Internet and knew that with patience and a good product, they could get to anyone. It was also during this time that their family began to grow. “I never truly in my heart wanted to leave Montana,” Beth says. When she got pregnant with their second child, she told Evin that she wanted to raise their kids in Montana, which is what led them home. 

A dad plays with his son on a hike in Bozeman, Montana in Yellowstone Country.l


Beth attributes Evin's knack for adaptability and flexibility to his success in the music industry.

When his football career was cut short, he embraced music. He had dreams to become a rapper but set realistic goals for himself, and when those were not met, he pivoted to producing. Evin created an online social community for musicians, but while it was popular, it was not profitable. This, along with their growing family, is ultimately what made them head for home back on Beth’s family ranch in Wilsall. The couple was able to save money and focus on next steps, which, for Evin, meant the birth of StudioLinked.

StudioLinked develops audio plugins for music producers, beatmakers, composers, sound designers, and DJs across the urban genre. The company's products range from virtual instruments emulating real-world instruments to advanced synthesizers and effects plugins. StudioLinked's offerings cater to various genres and styles of music production, providing users with versatile tools to express their creativity. With a focus on user-friendly interfaces and cutting-edge technology, StudioLinked has gained recognition among music professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. The success of StudioLinked allowed them to move back to Bozeman, where their family now resides. 

Wild Grove Media

As a mother, Beth developed a deeper love of photography and videography. She had been searching for a slice of identity outside of motherhood and decided to lean into the hobby that was already thriving in her own life. She became enthralled with the magic of family photography, which evolved into a fervor for moving motion pictures and led to the birth of Wild Grove Media. However, because family films were a fairly new concept and the cost was typically outside of a family’s budget, Beth found it difficult to procure new clients in Bozeman.

Instead, after some convincing from a very eager bride, Beth decided to give filming weddings a try. She was instantly hooked and found that it gave her the same under-pressure thrill that sporting events always had. Plus, she was able to tap into a creative side that she didn’t really know she possessed. “I literally get to work with people on the happiest day of their lives,” Beth exclaims. “Telling love stories became such a light in my life, and I’ve been traveling the world to do so ever since. I am most proud to show my kids that I can run a business that is also my passion and help people preserve their memories along the way. I get to document people in their happiest of places. In love.”

A family hikes while on a trail outside of Bozeman, Montana in Yellowstone Country.

Montana and the Changing Landscape

Beth, a quintessential small-town girl, and Evin, who instantly fell in love with the state, share a deep appreciation for Bozeman and Montana's beauty. Evin expresses the allure, stating, "Everyone’s flocking here for a reason. This place is absolutely gorgeous."

Beth does acknowledge that it’s not always easy to live in Bozeman. She comments on the lack of accessibility to larger companies and cities and the limited travel and transportation options. “If you’re used to a city lifestyle, it’s still an adjustment moving to Bozeman. It’s still a small town. The people moving here appreciate that and respect the landscape, nature, wildlife, and sense of community. I believe some people are getting upset because change and the unknown bring up uncomfortable feelings. So I would just say, embrace the change. Change brings diversity and things that are positive, and Evin and I just like to focus on that.” Evin goes on to say, “Honestly when I first came here in 2004, I’ve always felt welcomed. I’m seeing a lot more diversity here which is super awesome. A lot of our best friends here are people of color, and they’ve had a great experience as well. I think it’s only getting better and better.” Beth continues, “I think that’s a positive side to the growth. As more folks of different backgrounds move in, it allows for more inclusion and understanding.”

The couple takes pride in their efforts to enrich Bozeman’s cultural scene with events such as the Lil Jon Concert in November of 2023. Evin recently started a side company called Main Event Presents, with the goal of offering diverse genres of live music that are typically less accessible by the Bozeman public. A full-circle moment for the couple, Evin and Beth tapped into their connections to curate an unforgettable performance hosted in the building where they met—The Brick Breeden Fieldhouse.

Raising their Family

Grounded in family life, Evin and Beth cherish the daily joys of parenting their five children while balancing their professional endeavors. They both work from home, and although Evin works more traditional hours, they more often than not have their younger children at home with them during the workday. Moving forward, Beth is striving to achieve a better balance between her career and home life. “My business really took off during COVID. People started booking videos so that whoever wasn’t able to travel was still included,” she says. Now she strives to feel less of a pull and more of a tug towards her work. Evin plans to stay busy with music, but would also love to reconnect with the Montana State Football program.

Regardless of what work looks like for the couple, they will continue to be busy keeping up with their children. They both coach youth sports and fondly call themselves “the jock parents.” They love knowing all the kids in their community and enjoy the abundance of family-friendly activities available locally. Their favorites include visiting the Museum of the Rockies, embarking on short hikes such as Drinking Horse and the M, indulging in Sweet Peaks Ice Cream, and enjoying the relaxing waters of Norris Hot Springs. Additionally, they love the occasional staycation at hotels like the Armory Hotel, and love treating visiting family and friends to a memorable float down the Gallatin River.

The Groves family epitomizes Montana living, embracing its uniqueness and small-town charm amidst Bozeman's expansion. They treasure the "only in Montana" moments that shape their daily lives, finding joy in the simple charm of the politeness at four-way stops and wildlife traffic jams. Through it all, Beth and Evin continue to embody the spirit of Montana, welcoming change while cherishing the timeless values that make Bozeman truly special.


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