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The Best Lodging Options for Solo Travelers Visiting Yellowstone

Visiting Yellowstone as a solo traveler comes with plenty of opportunities to meet new people as you spend time in your lodge common areas or walk the boardwalks over geothermal features. And if you’re looking for solitude, you can find plenty of that, too. 

Yellowstone National Park Lodges runs the hotels and cabins inside the park, so you’ll hear that name a lot when you’re looking into accommodation. When you choose to stay within park boundaries, you set yourself up for an experience where bears and bison hang out right on your doorstep, and you can make the most of your time while optimizing for relaxation. Here are a few of the top spots to stay in Yellowstone, plus a bit more about what makes them shine for solo travelers.

Roosevelt Lodge Cabins

At the Roosevelt Lodge in the Tower area, the Frontier Cabins are the perfect fit for one, with a double bed and shower, and shared toilets available nearby. The feel of the Old West remains strong here, with activities like trail rides, cookouts, and stagecoach adventures. Plus, with a comfortable communal porch and family-style dining room, you’re never far from making new friends. 

Canyon Lodge and Cabins

Staying in the Canyon area of the park makes a lot of sense for a solo traveler, since it’s centrally located to most of the main sites along the Grand Loop Road. A stay at the Canyon Lodge and Cabins makes it easy for you to make the most of your time, while minimizing the driving needed to get to park hotspots. 

Old Faithful Snow Lodge 

If you’re traveling alone, visiting in winter can give you a peaceful escape. Because roads are closed to public vehicles, one of the only ways for the public to get to Old Faithful Snow Lodge is via snowcoach. Once you arrive at the lodge, communal gathering areas are perfect for mingling if you’re looking to meet folks. Or you can retreat to your room or cabin for some quiet time. And though this cozy lodge lives up to its name in winter, with fireplaces burning and warmth radiating, you can stay here in summer too. 

Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel 

Mammoth is an easy starting location for a Yellowstone visit, since it’s easy to get to from Bozeman (and its international airport). If you visit in winter, Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel is the hub for day tours departing to areas around the park. And with the Bear Den Ski Shop right in the lobby, you can get outfitted for winter adventures without needing to go far.

Yellowstone Forever Lodging & Learning Package 

When you’re traveling on your own, you might want to open yourself up to being more adventurous by joining up with a group. Sometimes it can be intimidating to venture into Yellowstone by yourself. But Lodging & Learning packages from Yellowstone Forever (the park’s nonprofit partner) allow you to connect with expert educators and visitors who share a similar interest with you, whether that’s wildlife, history, or hiking. With one of these packages that sets you up in park lodging, you can travel solo and still make sure you have hiking buddies or adventure partners when you need them. 

Whether you’re planning out every detail of your Yellowstone trip or flying by the seat of your pants, find everything you need to know here at Yellowstone Country. 


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