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The Average Price of a Yellowstone Vacation in 2023

Wondering how much you’ll spend on a trip to Yellowstone? Whether you’re the ultimate budget traveler, saving where you can to take in more priceless experiences, or you’re a lover of luxury who isn’t afraid to spend more for more comfort and all things high end, you can find your perfect Yellowstone vacation price. Here are some average costs for typical expenses that will help you plan your 2023 trip. 


Camping is by far the cheapest accommodation option, with developed sites in and around the park ranging from $15 per night to $50 per night, or even higher for some full-service RV campgrounds. The average cost for a 2- to 3-star hotel room is anywhere from $80-$250 per night, with more luxurious accommodation in the $300-$500 range. 

Entry Fees 

There are a few ways to cover your entry fees into the park. If you’re only going to be visiting Yellowstone, with no stops at other US national parks or federal lands, a seven-day entry ticket for a single vehicle costs $35 at the gate. If you can plan your trip around one of the free entrance days throughout the year, you could even cut costs further. 

On the other end of the spectrum, you could invest in the  $80 America the Beautiful Pass, which grants access to federal lands, including national parks and national monuments, around the country. Other groups, like fourth graders, military, people with disabilities and seniors 64 and older may qualify for free or reduced annual passes. The investment quickly pays for itself if you’re planning on stopping at other parks, like Glacier or Grand Tetons. 


On the low-cost end, you can find free ranger programs throughout the park in the summer, or use the free NPS app for self-guided tours. Private guided day hikes and kayak paddles range from $100-200 per person, with full VIP driving tours with your own private group costing anywhere from $200 to $500 per person, and up. 


Generally, the more remote your path, the more you’ll spend on gas. So plan on filling up before you leave town, and keep an eye on the fuel gauge if you’re heading out into more rural areas. Apps like GasBuddy and Google Maps show you real-time cost per gallon near you, so you can be strategic with your fuel-ups. 

If all you do is drive the Grand Loop Road (140 miles) and head back to Bozeman or West Yellowstone, you might get away with only driving a few hundred miles. But if you plan to wander some, be sure to factor in the big distances you can cover in Big Sky Country. 


Food is one of the areas it’s easiest to go all out out, but you can also reign in spending with supermarket-sourced meals on the go. For a meal out at a casual dining spot, plan to spend about $15-$20 per person. Whereas if you pick up the goods at the grocery store, you could get premade sandwiches for as little as $6, with snacks and drinks costing less in bulk. Fine dining in this area focuses more on flavor than fancy dress, but expect to spend more like $50 for an entree in an upscale establishment. 

When you’ve calculated the costs and you’re ready for your national park adventure, dive deep into everything you need to know about visiting Yellowstone Country.


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