People of Yellowstone Country: Cassidy Wendell

Cassidy Wendell: Getting After It in Yellowstone Country

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, it seems opportune to feature a remarkable woman who epitomizes empowerment and resilience: Cassidy Wendell. The force behind #GIRLGETAFTERIT and a Yellowstone Country native, Cassidy has not only built a thriving community but also expanded her brand across the United States, putting the Power in “Girl Power!”

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#GIRLGETAFTERIT unexpectedly entered Cassidy’s life when she needed it most, following the sudden loss of her dad at 22. Amidst grief and depression, Cassidy struggled to find a fitting support system—so she decided to create one. “I knew I needed a purpose in life and to find a new community. So, . . . I started hosting events and meetups as a way to meet new friends in the Bozeman area. Turns out, I wasn’t the only one searching for community, and these events were a way to bring like-minded women together who were interested in health, fitness and getting outside.” 

What began as a personal endeavor transformed into a local community that surpassed Cassidy’s wildest dreams and bloomed right before her eyes. “Since hosting my first event back in 2017, I’ve seen first-hand just how life-changing it can be to feel seen, heard and supported—for both myself and the people I’ve connected with along the way. You start to believe in yourself. You begin to dream bigger. You chase goals, you get after it, and you inspire others to do the same.” Through this journey, Cassidy has come to realize the importance of mental, physical, and emotional well-being along with the profound impact that a supportive community can have on one's life.

Join us as we “get after it” with Cassidy and discover more about her candid journey and purpose as the founder of #GIRLGETAFTERIT (GGAI).

Yellowstone Country: What is the overall mission for GGAI across the U.S.?

Cassidy: Our mission is to empower women everywhere to try new things, meet new friends, and step outside comfort zones in the health, fitness and outdoor space.

YC: What does GGAI mean to you? What do you think it means to your community?

Cass: To me, GGAI means to approach every situation knowing that you can tackle anything life brings your way because you have a community who wholeheartedly supports you. It means you can run that marathon, have that hard conversation, show up for your family, start your own business, and get after it—whatever that “it” means for you.

YC: What do you think GGAI means to your community?

Cass: To our community, it means the same thing, but in the context of what they are currently going through. It’s cool to see people take the phrase “girl, get after it” and make the “it” piece unique to them.

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YC: How do you feel GGAI’s origin in Yellowstone Country has shaped its evolution as a business? 

Cass: Montana has definitely shaped the evolution of GGAI in a few ways. Growing up in the area, I was exposed to and fell in love with the outdoors. The women I meet through GGAI are so grateful for a space where they can try new things in the outdoor space in a really approachable way, like mountain biking or trail running. Montana also has a very welcoming community feel to it—where neighbors help each other. People say hello on the sidewalks, and wave while driving down the road. I think GGAI definitely exudes that welcoming feel because that’s all I ever knew.

YC: How has GGAI evolved to fit within each new location and community?

Cass: Our IRL communities are the heart and soul of GGAI, but each one is so unique based on where they are located and the incredible Community Leads who are leading the way. I allow each Lead to make it their own while staying true to the city they are located within. Even though the activities may look different (fly fishing in Cody to dance cardio in NYC), each chapter has the underlying goal of providing safe opportunities to try new things and meet new friends in the health, fitness, and outdoor space.

YC: How would you describe the perfect candidate for a member of the GGAI community? 

Cass: Definitely someone who is open to new friendships and willing to step a bit outside of their comfort zone and try new things. It doesn’t matter your fitness level, age or ability, if you are searching for a community then you are welcome here.

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YC: What is your dream adventure, personally or for the community?

Cass: I would love to host an international retreat, maybe surfing somewhere tropical—I have an immense fear of the ocean and in a way would like to overcome that. Even better if it was alongside the GGAI community!

YC: How do you define female empowerment?

Cass: Being there for others—both when they need it the most, but also when they are absolutely crushing it. Support, when it is both great and not, is the ultimate form of empowerment to me.

YC: What’s next for you and GGAI?

Cass: I honestly don’t know. I feel really aligned with what we’re doing right now with GGAI and I hope to continue to build upon that—growing our IRL communities, hosting more retreats, and empowering women all over the country. 

Cass from Girl Get After It sitting on a yoga mat

Here's to Cassidy and #GIRLGETAFTERIT—an embodiment of strength, support, and the limitless possibilities that arise when women come together. 


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