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20 Best Yellowstone Photo Spots: The Photographer's Guide

You could drive into Yellowstone with a camera and no plan and have the time of your life getting the perfect shot at every turn. Artists relish exploring every corner of this park for that reason. But if you need a little help narrowing it down to make the most of your time, check out 20 of the best Yellowstone photo spots.

Grand Prismatic Spring Boardwalk

Stick to the boardwalks of Grand Prismatic, where the trail brings you inches above the steaming colors of the spring. 

Grand Prismatic Spring Overlook 

Since drones aren’t permitted in the park, you have to hike a little for that bird’s-eye view. But it’s well worth the short trek to experience Grand Prismatic from above. 

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone: Artist Point 

Yellow, white and orange rocky cliffs make a color play over the vast canyon in the view from Artist Point

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone: South Rim Trail 

This trail takes you and your camera along the craggy geologic features of the canyon, from Uncle Tom’s Trail all the way to Artist Point. 

Undine Falls

A veil of tumbling water takes over this wooded setting, perfect for photos. 

Yellowstone River: Calcite Springs 

When the Yellowstone River threads its way between lava spires at Calcite Springs, you just need to compose your shot. 

Old Faithful Overlook 

If you’re up for a climb, photograph Old Faithful’s eruption from above with a 1.6-mile walk on Observation Point Trail. 

Old Faithful Boardwalk 

Old Faithful is a must, so head to the boardwalk to get the closest view you can. The earlier in the day you go, the fewer people will be there too. 

Mammoth Hot Springs 

The terraces of Mammoth Hot Springs rise up the hillside above the boardwalks, with plenty of angles to shoot. 

Roosevelt Arch 

At the north entrance of the park, this impressive arch has welcomed visitors for over a century. This takes the classic entry sign photo to the next level. 

Tower Fall

The viewing area for Tower Fall is right off Grand Loop Road. You can shoot from above or take the short walk to the bottom. It’s all about the rock spires and 132 feet of plunging water here. 

Lamar Valley 

The key to wildlife spotting in the Lamar Valley: look for people with spotting scopes, and look where they’re looking. Just be sure to only pull off at marked parking areas. 

Biscuit Basin: Sapphire Pool

The vivid, clear blue of Sapphire Pool doesn’t need any enhancement. 

Great Fountain Geyser 

As the only Lower Geyser Basin feature the park gives eruption predictions for, this is a geyser to add to your photo bucket list for a different take on geothermal features. 

Yellowstone Lake 

If you really want a unique perspective on the largest high-elevation lake in North America, take your waterproof gear out on a kayak

Norris Geyser Basin: Artist Paint Pots

Bubbling mud pots bring out a goofy side to the splendor of Yellowstone’s geothermal features, while bright colors in this area beg to be photographed. 

Queen’s Laundry Bath House

The oldest structure built by the National Park Service in a park for the public, the roofless log walls of Queen’s Laundry Bath House sit atop a mineral spring. 

Mount Washburn 

If you’re only going to climb one mountain with your camera in Yellowstone, make it count. Be warned: the views from Mount Washburn may require extra batteries and a wide-angle lens.  

Dunraven Pass

If you’d rather stay closer to the car, skip the hiking and keep the views with a drive up Dunraven Pass. 

Lone Star Geyser 

With a five-mile trek there and back, Lone Star Geyser offers a less hectic experience for photographers, with 45-foot eruptions every three hours or so. 

Enjoy taking your photography from point-and-shoot to pro shot in Yellowstone. For more tips for your trip, check out the rest of the Yellowstone Country blog.


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